DDID Policies

The District delivers up to 6/10’s of an acre foot per month per irrigated acre when sufficient water is available. Operation and maintenance roads along the main canal are for district access only. These roads are not public roads. Lateral maintenance (cleaning of ditches) from the main canal to the point of delivery is the responsibility of the users of the lateral. Water will not be delivered to laterals that have not been properly maintained.

For a more detailed look at our rules and regulations take a peek at the DDID By-Laws and Policies.  DDID By-Laws and Policies are currently going through revision.

Board of Commissioners

Division 1
Nancy Bender
633 Fish Hatchery Rd
Hamilton, MT 59840
Area covered: Old Darby Rd to Fish Hatchery Rd

Division 2
Dennis Moore
402 Fish Hatchery Rd
Hamilton, MT 59840
Area covered: Fish Hatchery Rd to Golf Course Rd

Division 3
Gabe Leonardi
1089 Tammany Ln
Hamilton, MT 59840
Area covered: Golf Course Rd to Hamilton Heights Rd

Division 4
Henry Tintzman
1064 Honey House Rd
Corvallis MT 59828
Area covered: Hamilton Heights Rd to Willow Creek Rd

Division 5
Mary Rodriguez
657 Quast Ln
Corvallis, MT 59828
Area covered: Willow Creek Rd to Bailey Ln